Baby Friday 2

The rental car parked a few meters behind Baby’s chevy. The two men inside were talking. The driver, Phillip, in his mid-thirties, looked over to the passenger. “Make sure that’s the right old pick-up, Raymond.”[…]

Just Once

Chapter 1   Just once in her standard and boring life she had let herself go and done something a little, just a little, reckless. Her boyfriend had convinced her, as he was abroad during[…]

Baby Friday

The cellar bar was small, frequented by the local people, it was dark and smoky, with a short curved bar top. The barman saw her enter and was already getting her favourite drink ready: vodka[…]

Behind bars

As she opens her eyes, she feels her whole body aching, her brain dazed. She looks around and clings on to the bars of the small cage in which she had been thrown. The images[…]