Just Once

Chapter 1


Just once in her standard and boring life she had let herself go and done something a little, just a little, reckless. Her boyfriend had convinced her, as he was abroad during the Christmas holidays due to work, and she did it. Shy and self-conscious, she had taken some photos of herself with daring lingerie and a few completely naked. There was one in special, taken with her lying in bed, spread legs and fingers opening her lips for him, that had taken several tries and a lot of “what am I doing?” to take.

She was not able to gather the nerve to send them and she convinced him to wait until his return, when her boyfriend saw the photos in her own computer and was able to enjoy the real-life model. But love is as it is, and a few months later they parted, with no hard feelings and with a sensible reasoning, as it was always with her. She was relieved that she did not have to worry about him having the photos and slowly forgot about them for a couple more months, while she got over him. To help with that, she went on holidays, just for a week, to some relations not too far away and it was then when her predictable life would change.

The day she came back home, the open door was the first warning that something was not what it should. Her house had been robbed and the quiet arrival turned into days of mess, with calls to the police and lists of things missing, and repairs. It was an inconvenience not to have her computer, as it was the missing TV or the broken door, but in a couple of days, it was over and she would go back to her life.

And then, just as she arrived home after the first day at work, the phone beeped with a message, and she stood rooted on the spot, her eyes wide in horror, staring at herself, completely naked and spread, opening her pussy lips with a shy smile. For a moment, her brain stopped working, not even understanding the message that came with the photo. She suddenly turned, closing and bolting the door, her heart beating wildly with terror, without knowing exactly what she feared, someone getting in or the photo escaping from the phone for everyone to see.

Trying to gather herself, she left the shopping at the entrance and run to the living room, sitting down, still staring at the photograph with a terrified look, started to read the message. “A beautiful image, everyone should see it, don’t you think?”. With trembling fingers, she answered, “Who are you?”. A few seconds later, the answer beeped again “I would prefer to introduce myself in person if you don’t agree the photo should be public. I hope you are free this Friday, at 8pm. I will be waiting for you at the hall of the Star Hotel. Message me when you arrive”. She wrote again “What do you want? I have no money…”, but the answer was only the same instructions “8pm, Star Hotel”.

She spent the next days thinking, unfocused and jumping every time there was a knock at her door or her phone beeped, but after several sleepless nights, she could only come to one conclusion… she had to go.

2 minutes before 8, she was entering the hall of the Star hotel, looking around, but fearing to meet anyone’s eyes, she stood there, people moving around her, and took out her phone, writing the message. “I am here”. The answer was nearly instantaneous. “Good choice, go to the bar and say you have a meeting at booth number 3.” She followed the instructions as if in a dream, and in a few minutes he was accompanied to booth number 3, a semi-private space inside the Hotel’s bar and restaurant, half concealed with a screen, with a round seat around a table, where a man was sitting.

She was nearly surprised it was not a fiend in human form, with horns and a dark, evil face, but the man looked very normal and had a nice, sympathetic face as he stood smiling and offering his hand. “Nice to meet you, Elisabeth, isn’t it?”. She looked at him, frowning, without taking his hand, and he clicked his tongue. “Now, that is not polite, Elisabeth, shake my hand and sit down. You wouldn’t want anyone to know what we talk about, would you?”. Jumping a little, she took his hand, shivering, and sat down, still not able to take her eyes off him. She spoke through gritted teeth “What do you want?”. He kept looking at her with a sly smile and spoke with his deep, soft voice “the waiter is on his way, ask for something to drink, we’ll talk when it is time”.

She absent-mindedly asked for a water and turned to the man again, but he silenced her with a look and turned to his mobile on the table. She gasped under her breath and moved her hand slightly, but his voiced stopped her “That would not be a very intelligent move, my dear. Be patient.” She sat, shifting in her seat while the waiter arrived with her water and another drink for him. When they were alone again, she spoke softly, trying to hide her anxiety. “Please, this is torture, would you tell me what you want?”. He seemed very amused at her choice of words, and whispered “torture…”, but turned to her and smiled. “Well, as I said, I find that this is a beautiful image, it would be a pity for the world not to see it…” She interrupted with a snort “No, it isn’t, you know it, … Where did you get it? … please tell me what you want! I have no money but I can… I would try to… you…“ She stopped, trying to blink back the tears of fear and fury that were gathering in her eyes and he tapped her knee as if trying to soothe her. “Don’t worry, I don’t want any money”. He kept his hand on her knee and she looked at it while her eyes widened “No… what do you mean? …. You wouldn’t…. “ He pressed her knee and leaned forward looking into her eyes, his voice lower and menacing “Yes, I would. I find you… interesting. I will never show this photo if you do what I want. Exactly what I tell you to do, whatever it is”. His hand travelled further up her thigh and she kept looking at it, whispering “No… I… I can’t”, and placed her hand on his, trying to push it away. He strengthened his grip. “If you don’t agree, this photo, and the rest, will be in the phones and emails of all your friends and family in less than ten minutes.” She swallowed, lifting her hand, but he didn’t move it up, instead looking into her eyes. She looked sternly back “how do I know you will keep your promise?”. He grinned “You don’t know, so if you agree, there is a possibility I will post the photo, but if you don’t, you can be sure I will.”

She swallowed, her brain whirling as she tried to find a way out. “I could call the police, and you would be convicted with blackmail, and even theft. I have no husband, no boyfriend or children. I’m already 40…” her voice faltered a little, though she tried to keep it steady “What do I care people think of me?”. His laugh resounded in her ears as her cheeks tinted with red “They might get me, but this image… “, he put his phone in front of her eyes with the photo of her opening her lips as in a brothel add “would arrive to your colleagues, your boss, your family and friends… if they get me, it might even arrive to the press, it is a nice story. ‘Strong woman stands up to his blackmailer’. If you’re sure you don’t mind, I can just press SEND…”. He moved his finger to the phone and she shouted “NO!” She closed her eyes, her voice now pleading. “No, please…”. He smiled as she looked down, put his phone on the table and his hand again on her knee, slowly moving up, whispering again. “Good girl”.

She shivered as he moved his hand further up her thigh, but did not dare trying to stop him again as he continued talking, his voice now calm and nearly gentle “If you do everything I ask you, it will be ok, no one will see the photos, you will be safe with me. You might even discover that you like it. Now spread your legs… just a bit”. His hand had reached the top of her thigh and she jumped, still looking down, as he started to rub between her legs with his thumb. She whispered “Please.. no…” He pressed harder, sliding his thumb inside her panties and starting to rub her clit, then moving down to dip his finger between her lips and back to her clit while she kept pleading “No, please… not here… no, no…”. Despaired, she felt dampness gathering in her lips and he grinned “So many noes and you are already getting wet” He pushed his finger between her lips, making her juices drip out and started moving it in and out of her. Removing his finger, he commanded “go to the restroom and take off your panties, come back and give them to me.” She looked up, bewildered, but he looked stern “Do it. Now. And don’t dare going, the photos are in my phone and your friend’s addresses ready. They would have them before you reached the door.”

She got up, dazedly going to the rest room where she got her panties off and folded them, hiding them in her hand as she returned back, feeling strange as she walked through a public place with no underwear, something she had never thought she would do. She looked into his eyes as she discreetly placed them in his outstretched hand. “Please, don’t make me do that. If what you want is sex, let’s go to a room and do as you please, but not here.” He took her hand with the panties and put them in his pocket with a curt “Sit down and spread your legs” She sat, a little relief that the sofa where they were sitting was hidden from view. As soon as she sat, slowly spreading her legs, he let his fingers move directly to her lips, using two of them to spread her and sliding them slowly inside her, making them move in and out while the other hand took hold of her breast, kneading it roughly. Her breathing faster, she couldn’t hold a moan escaping her lips, making him chuckle, her cheeks pink with shame as his fingers worked their way in and out her intimate parts, sending waves of pleasure up and down her body despite her efforts and her shame. She didn’t even know how many minutes had passed when she started moaning softly, her hips buckling on their own accord to meet the man’s fingers and her eyes wide open, darting around, ashamed and afraid anyone would see, while her juices run freely down to her skirt. He smiled wide without stopping, and whispered “such a good woman, demure and modest, and if I continue you will come in my hand in the middle of a bar, won’t you? … tell me”. She gritted her teeth, trying not to answer, not to open her mouth so that her moans would not be heard, but he insisted “Tell me, will you?” Her pussy muscles already starting to pulse, she hissed “Y-yes… I… I will”. He suddenly stopped, sliding his wet fingers out of her and placing them in front of her mouth while she gasped, surprised and looked at him, nearly upset that he had stopped at that moment. He smiled “yes, you will, but not yet.” She could smell herself in his fingers and closed her eyes, ashamed, her breast still heaving with her hard breathing. “Now get up and come with me”. She hesitated, but as he picked his phone from the table, she got up, conscious of her naked, dripping lips under her skirt as she followed him to the elevator.


Chapter 2

He opened the door of a room and stood by it, making way for her, but she hesitated, whispering “Please, don’t… please no… we can find another way … I… I could try to find money…”. He sighed “Get in or go, but you know the consequences.” She looked at him for a second, as if trying to find mercy in his eyes, then entered, trembling slightly. He closed and locked the door, the clicking sound making her jump and turn with wide eyes “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you, I have much better plans for you.” He smiled wider than before, looking up and down her body “Undress. Now”. He sat on the bed, watching as she looked around the room and slowly moved her hands to her shirt, unbuttoning it slowly. “Come closer”. Swallowing, she stood in front of him and unbuttoned the shirt as if each button would explode, trying to look everywhere but at him. She took the shirt off and unhooked her bra, holding it against her breasts. He rolled her eyes. “Come on, I’ve already seen you naked”. She snorted at his comment, taking off her bra, now looking more furious than scared as he looked at her with a grin. She pushed the skirt down and step out of it, standing there with trembling legs but speaking with contempt “Happy?”. “Very happy”, he retorted, as he looked up and down her body. “Now turn around”. She stood with her back to him, closing her eyes, and she placed her hand on her right buttock and squeezed, making her jump and turn “No! what are you doing?”. “¿What did you think you were here for, girl? I have a lot of patience, but try not to finish it. Kneel”. She looked at him, confused “Kneel?”. He now seemed annoyed and got up. “Yes, kneel!, here, at my feet, and stop fooling around or I’ll just throw you out and start sending emails”.

Scared, she knelt in front of him and looked up enquiringly, he stood, towering over her, looking much taller than when they had walked to the room and reached for his belt, taking it off and placing it at his side on the bed, then opening his fly and taking out his half hard member, speaking ruthlessly “I saw the photo of you putting that dildo on your mouth, so I’m sure you don’t need any instructions” He said, sitting down again. While he looked at him wide eyed “Now!” She jumped, leaning slowly forward and taking his cock in her little hands, looking up at him before letting her tongue out and licking the tip, wincing, then slowly swirling it around the tip, feeling his member grow and twitch in her hand. “Take it in your mouth!” His voice sent a shiver down her spine and she swallowed, not daring to disobey or talk, so she parted her lips and wrapped them around the head, pressing her tongue to the tip. She slowly started to suck it, moving her head to take it deeper in her mouth. He took her hair in his hand and pushed her roughly to him “I said take it!” Gagging, she tried to obey, taking as much as she could in her mouth, feeling it pressing down her throat as he moved her head back and forth, making her eyes fill with tears from the effort. He loosened his grip a little as she sucked harder, feeling her own juices dripping down from her again. He smiled, groaning, when he felt her sucking more and more eagerly “Good, you like it, don’t you?” She shivered, his hand still setting the pace for her. “You want to feel my sperm down your throat…I know you do… very soon now..” At his words, she couldn’t stop herself from sucking harder, swirling her tongue around the tip, diving to let him slide as deep as she could take and sucking all the way up as hard as she could while he used her mouth to his pleasure. After a few minutes, he let out a low growl and stiffened, emptying his load into her mouth as she trembled and gagged, trying to swallow. When he finished, he held her hair, forcing her to let go of the softening member and ordered, panting “Lick it, clean it”. She started licking, still dazed and out of breath, letting her tongue roam around his cock until he gently pulled her back. “Very good, but now you must be punished”. She looked up at him with wide eyes, still kneeling, a couple of tears running down her cheeks from the effort of his rough use and stammered “Punished? What… what did I do.. how would you punish me? What… what do you mean?”. He cupped her chin in his hand, looking into her eyes. “The agreement is that you will do whatever I want, and you kept saying no, and asking and complaining. From now on, you will do anything I say, whatever I ask you. I don’t want to hear a no from your lips ever again. And to make sure of it, every time you say no, or complain, or disobey, or displease me in any way, you will be punished.” She still looked bewildered “But I don’t understand… how…?”. He shook head. “’But’ is not a word I like to hear, either, about the how…” He stood up, taking her hand to make her stand too. “Bend over the bed, butt on the edge and arms outstretched”. He moved behind her and pushed her down as she obeyed, still trying to understand. He placed her as he wanted, taking his belt from the bed. She gasped, trying to turn her head and gasped “No!, what do you think…?” The first blow fell on her buttocks as she was talking, his voice even more calm than it had been before, while she squealed. “I said I don’t want to hear “no”, understand?” another blow fell, before she could even answer, and she cried out. Another two followed, making her squirm and scream louder. “Scream all you want, I booked this quiet room on purpose.” He landed a fifth blow and leaned down, caressing her buttocks and speaking with a soothing voice. “You need to understand what I want of you, you will obey me or be punished for it, this is the only way that can be done.” She shook her head, panting, still too surprised to react, as she was punished like a disobedient child. His hand slid between her buttocks, spreading her legs and caressing her wet lips gently. “Now you will need a few more to make the point clear.” He stood up again, landing two quick blows on her ass cheeks, making her body jerk as she squealed, her skin turning a shade of pink. He then hit her three more times, lines starting to show in her ass, and he stopped again, his hand between her legs caressing her pussy lips and her clit as he spoke. “Tell me you will not say no again, and that you will do what I want.” She sobbed quietly without answering, her feelings overwhelmed after the evening, surprise, shame, fury and arousal mixing in her brain and body. “Seems you need a few more”. He landed 5 firm blows on her already tender buttocks, while she squirmed, sobbed and cried out. Stopping and leaning to her again, his voice soft and his hands caressing her, feeling her pussy quivering and pulsing under his fingers, he spoke in her ear “Say it”. She whispered between sobs “I… I will…” she breathed deep, speaking more firmly “I will do what you want”. He started rubbing her clit hard, feeling her tremble under his hand, his smile widening slowly as she felt the woman orgasm hard, her juices dripping down his fingers.


She woke up, half opening her eyes and smiling with the relief that fills the body when you realize your worst fear was only a dream, and stretched. But she could not move, her arms and legs were bound to the bed. Her eyes shot open, it had not been a dream.

She moved her head around and saw the same room she had been the night before. Looking down, she saw her body, completely naked, arms and legs spread, bound to the bed’s canopy and her head fell back on the pillow, as she muttered “Can’t be… this is not happening…”. She thought about screaming for a moment, but what good could it be? No one had heard her cries the night before anyway. At that moment, the door opened, and her captor entered with a smile and a tray “Good morning Elisabeth, do you fancy a bit of breakfast?”. She lifted her head, looking at him, bewildered. He had spoken as if having a woman tied to a bed in a hotel was the most normal thing one could find. Not able to speak, she shook her head moodily.

He sat on the bed at her side, speaking slowly as if to a child “you need to eat something, and have some coffee. With milk, isn’t it, one sugar?” Maybe the most terrifying thing for her was how much he knew about her, how much he had found out with just her computer. Leaving the tray on the bedside table, he fumbled with the chains bounding her, moving them up, and folded the pillow to support her back, so that she was sitting up, but still not able to move away from the bed. She muttered “When are you going to let me go? I did everything you told me”. He chuckled, placing a bit of toast close to her mouth, but she shook her head, even if she was really hungry. “You did everything I told you yesterday… or most of it, but that is not enough. No, my dear, you will keep doing what I tell you to do until I decide it is enough… if I decide it. Now take some toast.” She looked at him, then at the toast and took a bite, chewing it moodily and swallowing, then asking “But.. but you can’t keep me here, they will miss me… I have to go to work…” He shook his head with a smile, as if she was being unreasonable “Of course, I’m not going to kidnap you, you know you’re free to go any time you want”. She snorted, pulling at the chains “Oh, am I?”. He rolled his eyes “Sure you are, I just wanted to be sure you didn’t leave before I came back, but if you want, I will free you right now and let you go. Nevertheless, if you don’t want this to be seen, you’ll stay.” He moved his hand to his pocket and took his phone, showing her a photo, which she looked for a moment and opened her mouth wide. It wasn’t one of those she had taken, but a photo of her, licking him the night before. She closed her eyes in horror. As it was taken, it looked as if she was really enjoying what she did, eagerly licking his softening member clean. Blushing, she breathed deep, trying to calm herself, and stammered “I… I don’t want it to be seen..”. He put the phone back in his pocket, smirking “I thought so, now be a good girl and eat your breakfast. I have a very nice weekend planned.”

After feeding her, slowly, his smug smile unnerving and annoying her, he put the tray aside and changed her chains again, making her lie down. He stood up, looking up and down at her naked body while he undressed himself. She kept looking up at the ceiling, not wanting to meet his eyes, but she could not help hearing his clothes falling to the floor, filling her with a strange mix of despair and anticipation. He then climbed to the bed, sitting astride her chest, his member resting between her breasts, he started massaging them, pressing them together to rub against his hardening cock while he spoke matter-of-factly. “Now we’re going to set some ground rules, in case it wasn’t clear for you yesterday. You will do whatever I ask you to, you will answer your phone every time I call you and you will be ready to come where I ask you to. Also, you will not tell anyone about our little arrangement… “. He took her chin in his hands, shaking her head a little as she was keeping her eyes shut, trying not to see his member nested between her breasts and his hands massaging her hardening nipples. “Look at me… do you understand what I’m saying?”. She opened her eyes and stammered “But… but I can’t leave my work with no notice…” He shook his head again “No, silly, I know, but you will be available for me whenever you’re not at work. And as I said yesterday, ‘but’ is not a word I appreciate either. He reached back, slapping hard between her legs, hitting her full in her clit and lips, and making her jump and squeal. “Understood?”. She gasped, nodding and he slid his hand from her chin to her neck, pressing a little “I don’t want you to complain, or to make difficulties, or to say no… You will just listen to what I say and do it. At the most, you can agree with a “Yes, sir”. She looked back at him, opening her eyes wide “What?? Why would I call you…” Her rant was stopped by another hard slap between her spread legs. He leaned down, his hand still on her throat and his nose nearly touching hers “Understood?”. She swallowed and nodded slightly “… y-yes, s-sir”. He let her go, pushing himself down, his member brushing her soft skin all the way down her body until it went to rest between her legs and whispered: “Good girl”.

She shivered as he started rubbing the tip of his member against her lips, dragging it up and down all the way from her clit and up again, slowly, very gently. She had closed her eyes again, trying to concentrate, to forget, to leave her body behind for him to play with it but keep her soul away from it all. Despite her efforts to keep calm, to stay cool and not to give him the satisfaction of seeing her body react to him, she winced every time he pushed slightly against her, waiting for him to slide forcefully into her, ready to yell with pain, to show him she wouldn’t be so easy to play with, that she would never enjoy him.

But it didn’t arrive, there was no force, no violence, just the gentle pressure, the soft caress of her most private parts, slowly enticing her juices to start flowing from her, allowing his cock to dip between her lips. Noticing it, he stopped the movement, keeping his member just at the entrance of her now damp pussy, and his hand reached up to start massaging her breasts, he squeezed them, pressed them, then pinched and twisted her nipples, grinning when her back arched in pleasure and her hips pushed up, making the head of his member enter her sex with no effort, her muscles pulsing around it. With his cockhead trapped between her lips, he used the other hand to rub her clit, while his left one kept molesting her full tits, her hard nipples, making her push harder up to get him deeper, while she let a low moan through gritted teeth, shaking her head in shame at nearly the same time. He leaned down, his lips nearly touching her ears and he whispered “so wet and warm, Elisabeth, you know you want it, take it all” as he pinched her clit and her nipple again. She whimpered and her hips jerked up, his member disappearing into her wet, pulsing folds, sliding easily into her while she moaned, now louder.

Bound and helpless, she was not able to close her knees or push him back, even if her body had not surrendered and opened completely to his thrusts. He took it easy, wanting to savour the first time he entered her completely, pushing slowly at first, then increasing the pace of his thrusts while she writhed and panted under him, trying not to moan again, not to give voice to the pleasure that her body showed so clearly in her arched back, her nipples hard like little pebbles and her dripping juices, slowly drenching the bedsheet. But she could not hold for too long, her lips parted and she started to moan loud while her hips moved to meet his thrusts. She had never been at the mercy of a man as she was now, only able to move to welcome his member in her warm folds, taking the pleasure he would give her, nothing else.

His thrusts changed, he was more violent, more urgent, and the little part of her brain that still was not dazed, cried with terror, she whispered, scared of her own words “no, not inside, please n…”. He answered by pinching and twisting her nipples hard and she cried out. Thrusting even harder, he growled “I do as I please with you, I will fill you and you will take it, as you will take your punishment later for saying no. I take you, fuck you, use you, or breed you as I want.” With a few last savage thrusts, he emptied himself inside her, reaching down to roughly rub her clit as his load filled her and she could not stop herself, she had a long, hard orgasm, her pussy spasming around his cock, milking him of the last drops of sperm while she screamed in pleasure because of his touch, his caresses, his sperm filling her deepest core and even his words and the helpless, uncontrolled feeling he had given her, though she would not confess it to herself.


Chapter 4

Elisabeth woke up, but kept her eyes closed. She had no illusions of it being a dream anymore, the long previous day was clear and branded in her memory. How he had toyed with her, both bound to the bed and later when he had set her free. She was so ashamed. He enjoyed making her body respond, showing her that he could make her moan in pleasure if he wanted, or just take her roughly, as he had, late at night, ordering her to kneel on all fours and spreading her lips with his fingers to enter her in one thrust, as if she was just a toy or a mare that he could use when he pleased. “That’s what I seem to be for him, just a toy. And I couldn’t even stop myself from moaning like a slut when he was thrusting inside me from behind, with no consideration, no respect … what is wrong with me?” She shook her head slightly “No, I can’t think that. It must be something he gave me, maybe with the food. What am I going to do? He is blackmailing me, what other option I have? If he sent those photos… I’d lose the respect of my colleagues … and my family would be crushed… I’d never be able to go out again…” Her eyes opened, but she tried not to move, not even to check if he was sleeping beside her or not. “I am well now, in my right mind, I will not let him give me anything, I will accept what he does, but he won’t be able to make me scream like a whore again…” She felt soothed by the resolution, but she shifted slightly, feeling the dampness between her legs at the remembrance of the day before, the long hard orgasm while bound and helpless under him, the jerking response of her hips when he had taken her shoulder and her hair to push her back to him when he mounted her, the feeling of her juices together with his sperm running down her thighs and her trembling knees when they both collapsed on to the bed, where he had fallen asleep still inside her.

In her sleep, she had moved to her side, where she was now lying, her hand slowly travelling down her navel until it found her warm damp lips. Blinking and shaking her head softly, she was about to remove her hand when she felt the bedsheet lifted from her body. He was awoken, kneeling on the bed and looking at her with a roguish smile. “I was sure you would like it… thinking about me?”. She tried to take her hand from between her legs but he held her arm, pressing her hard further against her lips. “No… don’t stop, in fact…” He lifted her, placing the pillow behind her so that she sat up. “Now spread those lovely legs and show me what you do when you wake up all alone at home…”. She hesitated for a second and he forcefully spread her legs and repeated “show me”. She started to move her fingers over her bare lips, her legs spread and her heels on the bed for balance. She looked at him for a moment and lowered her eyes, her fingers moving a bit faster as they slid over her lips and clit, making her grit her teeth not to moan. She could feel his eyes on her bare sex, watching it slowly getting wet as her fingers grew bolder, her arousal making her spread her legs even wider and arch her back, with her hardening nipples standing out. Not able to stop herself, she let her fingers dip into her now dripping sex, pushing two of them inside with a low grunt and starting moving them in and out. Her thumb started to push on her hardening button and her lips parted, letting out soft moans. He wasn’t moving, his eyes following the woman’s fingers as they caressed and entered her wet and warm pussy. She shivered, moaning, as drops of her juices dripped down from her lips to her butt hole.

Suddenly, a knock on the door made her freeze, her fingers still deep inside her and her eyes wide with fear as she heard his voice “I’ll get that, don’t you dare stopping”. As she continued moving her fingers in and out of her, he jumped from the bed to open the door wide, giving the waiter on the other side a good look of Elizabeth on the bed, spread and fingering herself. The man stammered… “he-here is the breakfast-t you… you…”. Elizabeth’s blackmailer answered coolly “I ordered it, yes.” He smiled wide and pat the waiter on the shoulder “Don’t worry, man, sorry about this but my girlfriend here is a bit…. eager.” Placing a bank note on his hand, he pushed him gently out the door and turned to the bed, where Elizabeth was spasming in orgasm, letting small cries. He stood right beside her until she finished, and caressed her hair “Good girl… now come have breakfast.” Her knees trembling, she got out of the bed with her eyes cast down, and followed him.

After breakfast, he ordered her to dress and they went out of the hotel. As they checked out, she could see the sneering looks of the waiter that had come to the room while he was whispering to another waiter, that also looked at her, making her suddenly realize that if she had the thought of going to the police, even the waiter would declare she was there by her own will and having a lot of fun. She felt angry at herself, as she had been so much during the weekend for not being able to find a way out, and kept her eyes down until they were out of the hotel. “I’ll walk you home” he said.

He walked beside her in silence, seeming to know very well where they were going. Somehow, even after everything she had gone through during the weekend, she felt even more scared of how sure he seemed to be of the way to her home. It was not so far from the hotel, so after a while, he stopped just in front of her house and took out a key, saying “I’m sure you won’t mind that I made a copy of the key… will make everything much easier for both of us.”. He opened the door and did a mocking bow for her to go in. “I will see you very soon.” Rooted on the spot, she saw him leaving without looking back even once, leaving her at the door of her house after showing her he could get in any time he wanted.

As in a dream, she entered and closed the door, walked inside, collapsing on a chair, where he spent the rest of the day trying to make her brain understand what had happened in the last two days and, even worse, what would happen after that.

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