Baby Friday 2

The rental car parked a few meters behind Baby’s chevy. The two men inside were talking. The driver, Phillip, in his mid-thirties, looked over to the passenger. “Make sure that’s the right old pick-up, Raymond.” Without a word, Raymond opened his door and stepped out, walked along the footpath while looking carefully at the chevy, he turned back to the rental car, looked at the driver and nodded. Then he got back into the car, closed the door and quietly said to his companion, “its hers”.

Phillip nodded, “good”, he said. He started the car and drove away, took the first right turn at a set of traffic lights, drove to the end of that street, turned right again and followed the road back to the same road they had just driven away from, parking a good 100 meters further back from before. he adjusted his rear-view mirror, and settled down. “So, we just watch”, he said to his companion. “Yep, that’s what the boss said, just watch, keep her safe, but don’t interfere in her direction. He said that part was very important, the boss was very clear about it.” “Yes,” said Phillip, I was there,” Raymond looked over at Phillip and smiled, he enjoyed Phillip’s dry humour.

Jeppe stomped up the stairs that led to Baby’s office, his mind racing, he loved being around Baby, one day he might find the courage to tell her how he felt, but he knew very well it would not be today. He barged into her office, Baby looked up as the door flew open, “Morning,” he said with a bright smile. “Jeppe,” said Baby with a false sternness in her voice, “learn to knock, will you? I could have been undressed.” “Opps,” said Jeppe, “Sorry.” Baby liked teasing Jeppe, she knew very well he held a candle for her, “What you doing here, anyway,” she said. Jeppe pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, “This,” he said, and passed it to Baby, it was the name and address of the cheating husband she was going to photograph. Baby smiled at Jeppe, “thank you,” she said, “may make a detective out of you yet, grab a coffee if you like,” said Baby.

Jeppe walked to the coffee machine and pressed the button, took his coffee and sat in the chair next to it. Baby picked up the hand-written letter and gave it to Jeppe, “what you think of this” she said. Jeppe looked at it, turning it over, “hmm, looks expensive,” he said, he read the short letter, “what’s that all about,” he said. “No idea,” replied Baby, “you going to call the number?” he enquired. Baby looked at Jeppe, “what would you do?” she asked. “Not a chance,” he replied. Baby knew she would do the exact opposite from what Jeppe said, she learnt that when they lived in the orphanage together. She adored him, but knew how bad he was at life choices. “So I call it then,” she told him. Jeppe rolled his eyes, “of course you will,” he said, “you always do the opposite of what I suggest,” they both laughed, each knowing the other so well.

Thirty minutes later, Jeppe walked back onto the street, Phillip saw him. “Who’s that?” he asked Raymond, Raymond picked up the folder on his lap, leafed through it, “Jeppe Hamson,” he said, life-long friend, same age, lived with her in the kids home, keeps regular contact.” “Ok,” said Phillip, Raymond made a note of the visit, “just in case,” he said. Philip just nodded.

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