And there it was, the old, seemingly abandoned building right at the edge of the city. Standing at the end of a street that felt lonely and dangerous even in the middle of the day. She entered slowly, the noise of her heels rebounding on the walls as she moved warily, her eyes widening at the sight of the many cells, doors and cages, some of them barely able to hold a human being. They were all empty, though a faint smell suggested that they had been used not long ago, but now the building was completely silent and she ventured inside one of the cells…


…She shook her head, her hand moving to caress the tender spot that was now pulsing in pain and where she had been hit. Her sight slowly cleared and saw the bars in front of her. He moved her neck slowly, pain surging through her brain, and saw her notebook just beside where she was sitting. She moved up, wincing, and held on to the bars, pushing the door. When the young journalist had set up to find the place the disappeared women were being held, she never thought she would be taking part in the news she had been chasing.

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