Hello and welcome to Devilhand City !

sim-1_028This Sim is Adult and has a basic theme: Chicago, Illinois – 1920’s. That goes for all in here, buildings, clothing and as much as possible of all other things. Also it is based on the D/s Lifestyle and has BDSM as one of the most important aspects.Our Sim is about good stories and good people. We hope that you enjoy your time in our Chicago and come to love it as we do.

It is our goal to have an active Role Play society. Being In Character is an important part of that, but it is also very important to remember that to make RP function in a good way, it can be necessary to know people first. Role play is encouraged but not required, we want all levels of role players to enjoy being in Chicago. IC (In Character) is therefore not a must at all times.

Also, if you are new to the Sim, take your time to explore it and don’t think of attire and RP. And don’t hesitate to make contact with any of the Staff. We are here to help and guide.

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