Visiting Devilhand

Standing in the middle of Devilhand’s central square, I could never have said this was a dangerous city, not even an entertaining one.

Quiet and beautiful, some benches, the sun shining… and a fancy gentlemen’s club… now that was more interesting… 666 is not that usual a name for a respectable club.

If I had to do my job, I needed to know the “hot spots” first. A bit down the square there is a pub, Foxy’s. Coffee wasn’t bad and the patrons were welcoming, but still nothing fishy, I asked a few directions and went on my way when the sun was setting.

As I turned a corner, the flashing lights of the Cotton Club nearly blinded me, as the ones in the Casino. Both probably selling alcohol, and other entertainments, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

I strolled following the coast. This city is way too clean and posh to be true, and my hand checked my revolver was in place as I passed a park, with a balloon for tours in it. My hair standing on end, a place so quiet and peaceful, always hides secrets.

The reflection of the moon on quiet water took me to a pool, set in open air among very fancy houses, some of them with a “for rent” sign on them. I might try to get one and make it my headquarters, but first I needed to see what lurked in these quiet streets.

sim 1_001Walking back and passing the main square, the streets were a bit more humble and a tunnel felt as the entrance of a hell, but many women have now disappeared and my job is to find them. Had they been swallowed by darkness in here?

The tunnel led to a definitely more clearly dangerous side of town, the docks and warehouses each side of the street, with dead ends and unexpected turns, were the perfect place for an ambush.

I could hear my own steps echoing in the dark when music and light lured me to a strip club, very different from the club in the upper side.
Laughs and loud voices sounded all the way down the street and at the end I found a gymnasium. Peeked through the windows, dirty, smelling of sweat even from the outside, with a couple of mobsters at the entrance, very few would dare to enter… or go out.

I turned to the other side, this was just the first exploration trip, I wasn’t going to put myself in trouble just now. On the other side, the abandoned docks would also be the perfect place to hide anyone, or smuggle forbidden goods…or attack an unsuspecting woman. The small, dirty beach with the sign of “Nude” gave it an air of even more decadence.

Shaking my head, I walked up the road. This case was starting to be nasty, such a big city, too many places to hide someone, anyone, anything. Would the women be hidden in one of the warehouses? Were they stripping for the docks workers? Hidden to be used at the posh closets of the fancy clubs? I threw my cigarette away as I stood in a corner, the hospital to my right, the police station to my left. I had the feeling I would need both soon.

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  1. this place is so neat ,,, I found many places that i am sure had anyone seen me i would have been in a mess of danger ,, good thing i was pack’n !!

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