Behind bars

As she opens her eyes, she feels her whole body aching, her brain dazed. She looks around and clings on to the bars of the small cage in which she had been thrown. The images fill her mind again, when she was walking fast, as if she knew her destination, in the lower part of town. Her stroll had taken her to unknown streets and goose bumps were then rising in fear with the faint echoes of someone following. She had started running, too little, too late, as she felt two strong arms holding her and the smell of beer close, too close.

Her remembrance fading to black, she pushes herself up against the bars, looking around, staring wide-eyed at the table where she had been bound, and her skin tingling again in all the places in which her captor’s hands had ripped her clothes, painfully smacked her when she tried to fight back, and held her until she was completely unable to move, open and helpless.

With her eyes closed and her forehead against the cold metal, she Snapshot _ Devilhand City, Village of Mist (209, 64, 26) - Adulremembers the pain when he slapped her to subdue her, and feels the burning slashes in her back where his belt had landed when she had screamed curses against him. Until she was silent, trembling, shivering in pain and terror and with no more strength, or will, to fight back while he slowly, gloatingly, used her for his pleasure. He had touched everywhere; abused her whole body, she even felt the hands on her still, on her skin, her breasts, still red from his slaps, her sex, even in the tiny hole he had stretched with his fingers while taking her deep. And then, as two tears run down her stained face, she feels again the humiliation of her own juices running down her thighs and her screams of pleasure while in the hands of her torturer, mixed with his ruthless laugh.

She slides slowly from the bars, his words on the phone after he had thrown her in the cage sounding in her ears. “I got a good new one, a few days of training and it’ll be ready for sale”. She didn’t understand them then, but now… her body shakes with tears and sobs, as she lies down on the dirty floor, suddenly realizing “it” is her.

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